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Maple Wheat Bock

A traditional Weizenbock made with added Maple Syrup.

8.5% A.B.V. 7 SRM 22 IBU

"OMG" Oh My God!

This 'Strong Ale' is designed to challenge the skill of the brewer in managing a difficult fermentation.

Everything about this beer is BIG!

  • 3 times the amount of fermentables than regular beers - lots of malt!
  • Lots of extra hops to help balance out the malt
  • 10 times as much yeast utilizing multiple strains
  • 4 weeks of fermentation including twice daily additions of yeast nutrient, oxygen, and concentrated wort
  • Extra time to age - resulting in a smooth and mellow monster beer
  • Long aging creates a Port like character

We recommend serving in a brandy snifter in 2 to 3 ounce pours.

This beer pairs excellently with a fine cigar!

Each batch is different...

  • Batch 2012-05 is our traditional overhopped monster version
  • Batch 2012-06 is our chocolate stout based version
  • Batch 2012-07 is based on European influences - malts, noble hops, with a subtle maple flavor in the finish

Belgian Golden Strong Ale


Belgian Golden Strong AleBelgian Golden Strong Ale

Belgian Golden Strong Ale @ over 10% A.B/V. is a very strong yet drinkable beer.




Gose is an old style that originates from Goslar, Germany.

It is an effervescent, tangy sour, slightly salty wheat beer with a hint of coriander.

Gose Lactic Fermentation

Our Beers

Our Beers

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